Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods


At Clever Academy, we strive to flexibly design our lessons to ensure that our students absorb new knowledge quickly and effectively, and we also use the Kaplan method – which is applied to Kaplan test preparation courses.

Students can always self-study with free access to Clever Academy’s Library/Self-Study Center. These centers are equipped with learning materials and modern facilities in order to create the best environment for comprehensive language study. Smart Reports™- a revolutionary and adaptive technology which can design courses to provide ongoing, personalized learning based on each student’s specific needs – is used in Kaplan courses. Clever Academy is the first and only English training provider in Vietnam to officially use Kaplan materials for its courses, and students are to experience a completely different study approach, taught by Kaplan’s trained and certified instructors.

Clever Academy also offers online courses for flexible and proactive time management. You can study anywhere and anytime with the best quality materials. Students can combine in-class sessions with our instructors, self-study sessions at our Library/Self-Study Center, and online sessions with our e-learning system. Comprehensive study approach and passion for English is what you are going to experience at Clever Academy.

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