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    GMAT Test Prep in Vietnam: Clever Academy

    14 August 2023

    Overview of the GMAT and its Importance for Graduate Business Programs

    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized exam used by over 7,000 graduate business programs worldwide to make admissions decisions. Business schools use GMAT scores, along with undergraduate grades, application essays, interviews, and work experience to determine which applicants they will accept into their MBA, Master’s, and other graduate business programs.

    The GMAT aims to measure an applicant’s analytical writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and integrated reasoning skills. The exam consists of four sections:

    • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): The AWA section tests the applicant’s ability to think critically and communicate complex ideas through essay writing. Test takers have 30 minutes to analyze an argument and write an essay critiquing it.
    • Integrated Reasoning (IR): The IR section has 12 questions testing the applicant’s ability to evaluate data presented in graphs, tables, text passages, and other formats. Applicants have 30 minutes to complete this section.
    • Quantitative Reasoning: This section has 37 multiple choice questions testing the applicant’s math skills including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems. Test takers have 75 minutes for this section.
    • Verbal Reasoning: There are 36 multiple choice questions testing the applicant’s ability to analyze written material and evaluate arguments. Applicants have 75 minutes to complete these questions.

    The total GMAT exam takes about 3.5 hours to complete. Scores range from 200 to 800, with most business schools looking for admitted students to score above 550. A higher GMAT score helps an applicant stand out and boosts their chances of getting into a top-ranked MBA program.

    New GMAT Focus Edition information can be found here: The GMAT™ Focus Edition ( All of our teaching materials will be updated accordingly.

    Cụ thể, Khoa đã đạt IR 6, Quant 50 và Verbal 41 (scaled scores). Tổng mức điểm của Khoa là GMAT 750, và phân vị là 98th percentile.

    Importance of the GMAT for Applying to Graduate Business Programs in Vietnam

    In Vietnam, the GMAT is an essential part of the admissions process for most graduate management programs. Leading business schools including RMIT Vietnam, French Hanoi University, and Foreign Trade University require GMAT scores from applicants.

    Other popular options like the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam National University Hanoi don’t absolutely require the GMAT but recommend submitting scores to strengthen an application.

    Applicants who excel on the GMAT can demonstrate their strong critical thinking, quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing skills to admissions committees. High GMAT scores make an applicant more competitive, especially for top-ranked programs that accept only a small fraction of applicants each year.

    Additionally, the GMAT helps admissions committees evaluate applicants from different educational and cultural backgrounds on an equal playing field. The standardized exam sets a common criteria for comparing applicants side-by-side during the admissions process.

    In short, the GMAT is a pivotal part of applying to graduate business, MBA, Master’s, and other management programs in Vietnam. Investing time in comprehensive GMAT prep can help Vietnamese applicants gain admission to their desired programs, especially at leading schools.

    Mẹo Vượt Qua Kỳ Thi GMAT

    Overview of GMAT Prep Courses Offered by Clever Academy in Vietnam

    Clever Academy is one of Vietnam’s most reputable institutes offering high-quality GMAT test preparation courses. With a team of instructors experienced in successfully training Vietnamese candidates to excel on the GMAT, Clever Academy offers prep courses tailored to local learning needs.

    Here is an overview of GMAT prep course offerings from Clever Academy:

    In-Person Classroom Courses

    • Intensive GMAT Boot Camps: These are short 15-25 hour courses providing focused preparation on GMAT question types and time management. Boot camps include instructor lessons and student practice.
    • Comprehensive GMAT Courses: These are longer 50-120 hour courses thoroughly covering verbal, quantitative, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning sections. Includes lessons, practice tests, and 1-on-1 instructor support.

    Online Courses

    • On-Demand GMAT Course: This self-paced online course provides video lessons, practice tests, and other materials to prepare for the GMAT at one’s own schedule.
    • Live Online GMAT Course: Students join these instructor-led online sessions in real-time. The interactive format focuses on teaching strategies and timed practice.

    Private GMAT Tutoring

    • One-on-One Tutoring: Personalized private GMAT tutoring helps students master challenging topic areas and achieve score goals. Sessions are customized to each student’s needs.

    Support Resources

    • GMAT Practice Tests: Students gain experience with real GMAT questions by taking practice tests in a simulated environment.
    • GMAT Study Guides: Clever Academy compiles the best practice questions, flashcards, and other materials to aid self-study.

    This diversity of structured courses, private tutoring, online options, and support resources from Clever Academy provides Vietnamese students with flexibility to prepare for the GMAT in their own optimal way.

    Visit Luyện thi GMAT điểm cao nhất cùng Clever Academy & Vietdemy for more information (in Vietnamese)

    8 lầm tưởng phổ biến về GMAT và sự thật đằng sau chúng

    Benefits of Choosing Clever Academy for GMAT Preparation in Vietnam

    Clever Academy has a strong reputation in Vietnam for boosting students’ GMAT scores and getting them accepted into prestigious graduate business programs.

    Here are some of the key benefits of choosing Clever Academy for GMAT test prep:

    Local Focus

    Clever Academy’s GMAT curriculum is specially designed for Vietnamese learners. The courses teach effective test-taking strategies tailored for Vietnamese students based on real experience training Vietnamese candidates.

    Expert Instructors

    The institute’s instructors are experts in the GMAT format and content. They leverage their extensive experience preparing Vietnamese students to help learners concentrate on areas that will maximize their score improvements.

    Proven Track Record

    Clever Academy has a ~10 year track record of helping Vietnamese students successfully boost GMAT scores and gain admission into top MBA programs. The institute’s results speak for themselves.

    Convenient Locations

    With learning centers located in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Clever Academy offers convenient options for students in Vietnam’s two largest cities. We also provide online courses for those not residing in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

    Flexible Program Formats

    From short boot camps to comprehensive courses to personalized tutoring, Clever Academy offers a flexible range of formats to match each student’s learning needs and schedule, including self-paced option on Vietdemy platform operated by Clever Academy.

    Practice-Focused Approach

    Clever Academy utilizes a practice-based teaching methodology focused on timed practice tests and drills aimed at mastering the real GMAT experience.

    Affordable Prices

    The institute offers very competitively priced GMAT prep courses and private tutoring, providing high value-for-money compared to many overseas prep institutes.

    With these advantages, it’s no wonder Clever Academy is a leading choice for GMAT preparation among students aiming for graduate business programs in Vietnam and worldwide.

    GMAT Official Guide, 2022 Bundle

    Student Testimonials on Clever Academy’s GMAT Prep Programs

    Many Vietnamese students have achieved their target GMAT scores and gained admission to prestigious universities after taking Clever Academy’s prep programs. Here are testimonials from some successful students:

    “After graduating university in Hanoi, I wanted to get my MBA from a top global program. The Clever Academy boot camp and private tutoring helped me raise my GMAT score from 550 to 710 over 3 months. This score helped me get into my dream MBA program in Australia.” – Nam San, Hanoi

    “I struggled with the quantitative section during my self-study. Clever Academy’s online GMAT course really strengthened my quant skills through the video lessons and realistic practice tests. My overall score jumped from 590 to 720 with their help. I was accepted into a top HCMC MBA program.” – Ngoc Anh Vu, Ho Chi Minh City

    “The integrated reasoning section was new for me. Clever Academy provided the perfect foundation through the comprehensive GMAT course to master this challenging section. I improved my score from the 600s to 730 with the test-taking techniques I learned.” – Hai Thu, Ho Chi Minh City

    These testimonials demonstrate how Clever Academy has helped many Vietnamese candidates overcome difficulties and excel on this high-stakes exam, opening doors to global MBA and Master’s programs.

    Conclusion: Clever Academy is a Trusted Choice for GMAT Prep in Vietnam

    A high GMAT score is crucial for gaining admission into graduate management programs, especially at leading global universities. Clever Academy provides Vietnamese applicants with premier GMAT preparation tailored to local needs.

    Backed by expert instructors and a proven track record, Clever Academy offers structured courses, private tutoring, and practice resources designed to help students master the GMAT and achieve score goals.

    From improving quantitative skills to honing test-taking strategies, Clever Academy’s flexible prep options give Vietnamese applicants the preparation they need to shine on the GMAT–a key step towards acceptance at renowned and competitive global business schools.

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      Hanoi Campus (A20, Dream Station, 2nd Floor, UDIC Complex, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi)Saigon Campus (Unit 1681, 16th Floor, Bitexco Financial Tower, 2 Hai Trieu Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

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