Writing Contest: “Thank You, Teacher!”

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    Writing Contest: “Thank You, Teacher!”

    22 October 2015

    Dear students at Clever Academy,

    Thank you for choosing Clever Academy. We believe that learning at Clever Academy does not only help you improve English skills, but also gives you new friendships, experiences and lessons.

    The wonderful experiences and progresses in learning English are the results of your own efforts. Moreover, we cannot forget considerate support from teachers at Clever Academy, can we?

    No one else other than teachers at Clever Academy are the ones who fix your weaknesses, develop your strong points so that you make faster progress. Teachers have motivated us to strive for betterment.

    To celebrate Vietnamese teachers’ day 20/11, Clever Academy opens a writing contest called “Thank you, Teacher!”

    The topic of the essay is: “Share your experiences and/or fascinating stories in the classroom with your teachers at Clever Academy.”

    For example: The story of “first day going to class”; first impressions of your teachers; a funny story happened in your classroom; description of a teacher at CA; a meaningful lesson that your teacher has shared to you…

    The entry can be written in English or Vietnamese, including a personal photo taken at Clever Academy.


    Former and current students at Clever Academy

    How to enter the contest:

    Step 1. Submit your entry

    – Like Clever Academy’s Facebook page

    – Share the post of this contest “Thank you, Teacher!”

    – Inbox your entry to the Fanpage of Clever Academy

    Step 2. Vote contest entries

    You, your friends, family members can vote on the album of the contest on fanpage. The final votes are counted based on the total likes, shares, comments (1like = 1 point; 1 comment = 2 points; 1 share = 3 points)

    Attention: 1 account is allowed to share only 1 time/page and 1 comment/post

    If the entries have equal votes, the entry that has more shares, comments or likes is chosen. If 3 of the interactions are equal, lottery will be held to pick a random winner.

    Step 3: Announcement and prizes

    – Dates received: from 8h00, 25/10/2015 to 24h00, 18/11/2015

    – Announcement date: 10h00, 19/11/2015  


    01 First Prize: 500.000 VND in cash, 2 movie tickets at National Cinema Centre and a scholarship of 3.000.000 VND any course at Clever Academy

    02 Consolation Prize: 2 movie tickets at National Cinema Centre and a scholarship of 2.000.000 VND any course at Clever Academy

    The teachers that you mentioned in your entry are also awarded a meaningful prize from Clever Academy

    What are you waiting for? Let’s send best wishes and regards to our beloved teachers!

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    Clever Academy - Son Tay Campus

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